Rules I try to follow:

  1. Only make posts containing statements belonging to categories on the “whitelist”. The whitelist currently includes: math, computer science, programming.

  2. Never ever make posts containing statements belonging to categories on the “blacklist”. The blacklist currently includes: productivity, career advice, dating advice, general life advice, life coaching (of any form), politics, sports, violence, the education system, employment, the economy, metaphysics (e.g free will, existence, consciousness/mind/understanding, religion, materialism, dualism, Platonic/mathematical realism), epistemology (e.g logical positivism), morality/ethics, social science (e.g sociology, psychology, economics), media (e.g. news, TV, movies, music, games). More specifically: Never make references to political figures, never make references to the actions of political figures, never make references to the opinions uttered by political figures, never discuss political or governmental policy, etc. Absolutely never ever discuss or make references to political ideologies (e.g feminism, communism, neoconservatism, libertarianism).

  3. Avoid opinions and stick to facts only. Example of an opinion: “Object-oriented programming is a disaster”. Example of a fact: “5 is a prime number”.

  4. Avoid posting copyrighted content.

  5. Avoid humor, “memes”, references to media etc.

  6. Avoid unnecessary words. For example “Recently I came across this interesting problem…” should be rewritten as “Problem: …”.

  7. Avoid unnecessary detail. For example, when discussing what algorithm was used to solve a problem, do not mention what IDE was used.

  8. Avoid meta-level discussions. For example “why should the rules be followed?”, and “why am I writing this?” are meta-level discussion topics.


Any time you see a post or page in violation of the rules, please notify me so I can remove it.